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Artist Statment

In my photography I look at many subjects such as modern cities, with works ranging from wide views to focused details of crumbling forgotten spaces. I have a passion for photographing the natural world, again capturing large landscapes to the smallest detail, often within the same image.  The patterns, forms and proportions of nature have always captivated me. I aim to emphasise these patterns in my pictures to help consider why they appeal so directly and powerfully.

Still photography is the heart of my practice but I also work with video and digitally created images. I work in high definition with an obsession for capturing fine detail to create art that is immersive.

My images and videos are composites of many photographs across spans of time and from many points within a landscape which I then digitally combine into a final piece. Working this way allows me to rebuild reality to emphasise beauty,  light, the movement of time and to have an artists hand hidden within the digital.

I also create images where I repurpose elements of the real world to create new views and landscapes which have a dream like quality. I’m fascinated by using elements of reality as my palette and reshaping the world dramatically to see the effect that combining the real and unreal has on the viewer.

I’m interested in exploring new ways of using image making and digital to create work that has soul and captures some of the experience of standing in front of a view. I want to show the feeling of being alive in that moment and share the way I see the world.