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Flooded Shelter, Bunker under Manchester /

Although never commercially viable as a canal the Manchester and Salford Junction Tunnels came back into use a century after they first opened. As the Second World War began to rage on the continent it became apparent the industrial centre of Manchester would soon become a prime target for the Luftwaffe.

The tunnels were drained, blast walls were installed and a bombproof dam closed off the entrance.  Although damp, the shelters quickly became known as the biggest and safest in Manchester, open to anyone within 10 minutes walk of the stairways on Deansgate that led down to safety.  Today, located under the Great Northern Warehouse, the majority of the 1600 foot complex has flooded, the tunnels that served as a lifesaver to a generation of Mancunians are once again redundant and out of sight.

Reality Hack/Hidden Manchester for URBIS gallery by Andrew Brooks

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