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Sunrise over the Kennedy Space Center  /

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The sun bursting through the clouds over Merritt Island and the Kennedy Space Center.

Directly below the sun is launch pad 39A where man first left for the moon during the Apollo Missions, and along with 39B was the launch pad for the Shuttle program.  Its now in use by SpaceX in support of their commercial launches.

To the right of the sun you can see the square shape of the huge Vehicle Assembly Building where the rockets and shuttles were put togther, this is one of the largest buildings in the world.

I spoke to a few people that said during the night launches, for a few seconds it was so bright it felt like daylight,  I wanted to capture this in the shot so worked on the way the light radiated from the sun.

Big thanks to the Art and Algorithms Digital Arts Festival for inviting me over and helping me to photograph this amazing part of the world.


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